My training

After finishing high school, I learned in French preparatory classes for entrance to French engineering schools. I then learned at EISTI (International School of Science Information Processing) where I graduated in mathematical engineering (Master's Degree). I also studied at Grenoble Ecole de Management where I was granted a MSc in Management. I then moved to Israel and I currently work at the Central Bureau of Statistics in Jerusalem. I now wish to offer my services for genealogical research.

My interest in genealogy and the Holocaust

For over three years I have been very interested in genealogy. While doing research on my own family, I found a lot of information as well as interesting documents. I was able to trace my family tree until the early 1700s on several branches. I was also able to find the graves of some of my ancestors in the United States and Israel.

Being interested from a young age in the history of the Holocaust, a period during which several members of my family were killed by Nazi criminals of cursed memory, I also took a particular interest in this period in my genealogical research. I quickly realized the vastness of Internet resources for this period of history.

I was able to learn new information about the history of my own family during the Holocaust. My great grandfather, send to concentrations camps by Convoy number 73 from Drancy in France to Kaunas in Lithuania and Tallinn in Estonia, was confiscated by French police a few thousand francs which he had on him when he arrived at Drancy. This discovery was a surprise for my family and allowed us to recover compensation from the French government.

There is also the participation in the remembrance effort. Some organizations around the world are responsible for collecting information about victims of the Holocaust. There is mainly Yad Vashem in Israel but not exclusively. I was lucky enough to realize in time that there was no family testimony to Yad Vashem on my great grand uncle, who was shot by the Germans in the county of Dordogne in France. I asked his daughter to write a testimony, which she did. Less than six months later she left this world. This participation is all the more important to me that I have benefited from such testimonies, finding information about several members of my family from Slovakia and Hungary whose fate I did not know. I also learned that my Hungarian great grandmother had written a letter to the wife of the Hungarian Regent Miklos asking him to stop sending the children and the elderly to what she thought was forced labor.

How can I help you?

I decided now to put my skills at your service to help you in your own genealogical research. It goes without saying that the Holocaust period is my best area of expertise. I thought of several reasons for you to take my services and I present them below:

- I have significant experience in the field as you can see. The online resources are vast but not always easy to collect and to understand for the uninitiated.

- I am fluent in French, English and Hebrew and have intermediate knowledge of German and Yiddish, which allows me to understand the vast majority of information available over the Holocaust period. For other languages, I have a translation software at my disposal.

- I have access to several databases. Indeed, some Internet resources are not available without subscription. Other resources provide advanced search facilities to members, which facilitates some research that may otherwise be laborious, sometimes even impossible.

- I have an excellent handling of computers and of the Internet.

- Research takes time, I put my time at your disposal. Also, I shortened the time in my experience, my knowledge and technical means at my disposal cited above.