The main service: preliminary research

The first service I offer and I recommend for anyone to get started is the preliminary research service. The time for this research is to be estimated based on the period and the number of people involved. To research about a family or two at the time of the Holocaust (two to four family names) half a day usually provides a satisfactory result. The more information you provide me about the people I have to search information for, the better the chances of success are.

When I finish the preliminary research, I will send you an email with a research report. If necessary, I propose at the end of the report several possible actions for the future. I can recommend a few hours of targeted research based on what has been found so far. I can also propose ordering some official documents concerning your family or advise you to send a testimony to Yad Vashem. To the extent that you are interested, I can also propose a trip in the footsteps of your ancestors. Furthermore, I can propose to consult physical archives (as opposed to the online files I am basing my research on) where it is likely that you will find interesting documents (you can either visit the archives yourself, or hire me to consult them for you). These are only examples and each specific case can lead me to offer other kinds of services for the success of your research.

More specific research

If you already have a good knowledge of genealogical research you may need my services only for occasional help. For example, you might be looking for a specific document (birth, wedding or death certificate) or looking for a grave, or any other specific information. If you should need my help, you should explain very precisely the nature of your inquiry. In the case that I think I can help, I will make you an offer. For document research, this service can be especially helpful to you if you cannot travel or if there is a language problem.

Feel free to request any other service

In genealogy, each research has its specificity, each family has its history and of course it is possible that you would need a different service from those that I offer. In this case, do not hesitate to send me your request. I will study it and I will tell you if I can treat it and under what conditions. Moreover, even if I cannot deal myself with your request, I can probably recommend someone who can treat it. Indeed, as a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, I know other professional genealogist and their specialty.